Monthly Archives: June 2016


Honestly, what is the fucking point?
People don’t act like they really are
A bar is filled with smoke and mirrors
Half hearted attempts to seem human
To have an aura of intrigue for attraction
It’s all fake
All is a pile of bullshit
All is sped up and pitch shifted to dissonance
The notes make no sense anymore
The melody intoxicates and jitters
The rhythm tries too hard
Not knowing where to turn
Shots that make me shiver in fright
Nostrils tangled up with the demons
All for what?
To meet a woman to have a family with?
This den of sin that attracts the lowest rungs
These walls hold the mold of counterpoint
Wanting one direction, moving the other
Contrapuntal movements tangle the stride
Trip over your own ambitions
One of the only dreams you ever had
And now the clock ticks your derailments
Side step after evacuation
Squandering what could have been
Some stability traded for tons of turbulence
A desire to crash while begging for the sky
Jesus, you really need to narrow your vision
You can’t have love and loneliness at the same time.


The Need to Move On

How long can the punishment last?
The slow dive of a knife
Burrowing under skin
Thrust and twist
Looking into eyes you trust
The only set that could break you
Those irises that left long ago
You lay there on the floor
Still reeling in a pool of dried blood
Vacant eyes hint towards deep thought
A quelling resurgence to take over
Maybe it is time to stand
To take the knife out of your side
Deal with the wound
Take a look around
See how the world moved on without you
See how you were of no consequence
How your former self was pitiful
Alone and sedentary
A parasite in the millennial generation

Though, hope doesn’t need to be lost
You could walk taller and correct your path
Get on the right road
Clear your vision
Let the wound scab over
Reject any further explorations of the pit
Deny the dark night into your soul
Let the light focus it’s shine on you
Next to the ocean
Stretched muscles and a full heart
Isn’t that the mission?


Too many profiles to sequence
A picture to browse
A person to meet
After countless expeditions
“Meet me here at this time”
Small to medium to large talk
Maybe a kiss at the car
Maybe a few more encounters
Each one revealing more reasons
“Just jump and run the fuck away”
Abandon any prospects
Let love slip while dreaming of sewers
Maybe all chips are still to be accounted
Maybe regrets have been piled up
Maybe it was all meant to be
All your “fuck this shit” side chains
Deviating from any sort of road
Becoming legally insane
Knowing the streets and the other realms
Maybe it all leads to a resolution of a dream
A love to live for, a family to die for
No longer a nomad who is loosing it
A somebody from somewhere
With a future to live for
That is why the browsing continues
To reach for the peace all need

Candid Conference

This has been a long time coming
We thought you could repair the destruction
Rise up like the prophecy foretold
You were going to conquer it all and win
The foundation was supposed to stand
Kingdoms were thought to prosper
Kiss the princess and make her a queen
Buy a ring and raise replicas of both
An honest life to live
A nobility you said you always wanted
Though you fucked it up
Your fucking vacuous infatuations
Preferring the dark night over the bright day
Pixels on a screen appeal more to you
Using fire to put out fires
All of your perspectives
You took so many wrong turns no road exists
Wheels popped, rations exhausted
Run away from gunfire
Got lost in the woods
Living amongst the lost
Now simply a beast
Negating the positives
Preferring misguided adventures
Sitting alone in dry weather
Panicking through packed crowds
Loosing balance when bracing stability
So you ran away
Forgot all possibilities
Hypnotized yourself through man’s creations
Ignoring the beauty in God’s creations
Stating your preferred exit sign
Ticket for one, one way.

Simply Complex

No more pills in the bottle
Crazed hangover from years of sanity
No longer holding the door shut
The flood makes me lose balance
Sidestepping upright dedication
Yearning for stability in chaos
To swim through the harshest oceans
To drive along paths paved with insanity

Forgetfulness begets the troubled tides
Salacious surroundings seclude our souls
False fragments of figmented flings
After actionably evident truths surface
Lose all control off of three words

Couldn’t plan how bright the sun will shine
How dark the shadow done dwelled
How sour the medicine would taste
Predicted while grandiose gestures flay
Ignoring forgotten hopes for failed memories

Concentrate on the immediate
Beautiful curves, drunk passion
Touching the most important with ransoms
Couldn’t fathom shit from shit
Not even recognizing these layers

Foreign complexity without utility
It has always been obvious
Simple speeches are for the weak
Strength is hidden in stupidity
Tumbling through a jumbled mess
Always alluding to endings


None of this will ever be real
Jumbled illusions that seem of this world
Their plausibility is believable
I have seen these things happened
It’s just never been personalized
Never brought to the step of my door
Though those expectations left long ago
Whether it’s an assumption or damnation
Or a logical pragmatic equation
I know this is all a game being played on me
I know I will never feel whole
I’m certain that the clouds have a mission
Always dejavu when the tires blowout
Some comfort in being beaten and drugged
The ever reliable survival through solstice
How long until I just stay down?
Are there really many comebacks left?
Doubts piled upon a mountain of sulfur
Put it all on black and red
You can’t lose but you’ll never win

How Far Will You Get Alone?

How many times have you traveled here?
The same conversations repeating
Body language coded throughout the night
Maybe one or two more times
Then complete disappearance
No longer interested
So many fucking fish
Another crackle in the fire
An arrow shot in the heart
Never finding the counter balance
The things that fills the gaps in our souls
Empty skin can only withstand so much life

Substance is needed more than ever
Though there is little I could change
My attempts fall all across the spectrum
From egregious to simplistic
Traveling farther and farther from home
Dancing under strange rains
Crying while the sun beams across the world
Forgetting how strange this all is
Skating along the edge of a blade
Tempting righteousness without just cause

Surrounded by blood thirsty demons
Calculating every move on the board
Knowing they can only steal single souls
Ones without family
Ones without love
So as the rounds wear you down
Remember the fight is only beginning
Soon the real war will break out
How far will you get alone?