Monthly Archives: May 2014


The words scream out of my mind
Never ending river through distant lands
Origin hazed by the memory of time
An echo filled with unknown intent
Eyes begin to swim
Voice gets higher and lower
Tension congests the air
Drained of all levity
Complications are the ruin of everything
Couldn’t the air be filled with laughter rather than stories woe?
Such easy questions with longwinded answers
I ran down the street looking for reality
I saw an empty spot and people off duty
I heard whispers of other lives
Filled with the pyrrhic victory of the day
Walked away like a troll
A man hidden underground
As if he is trying his best to bury himself
Though a light shines through a window during the day
The nights…the nights.



Under A Grey Sky

where did I lose the ball?
when did my sight become so backwards
scattered mornings and frantic breakfasts
coffee black with two packs of shame
two broken eggs heated over fire
one long puzzled gaze
when did the ball even matter?
something to hold on to and pass on to someone
something to give me purpose and reason
when did those things matter?
there’s no one here so what’s the point
there’s no sun so why go to the beach
there’s no night so why go to sleep
there’s only me
scrambling around under a grey sky.


Calling Into the Void

Is there such a thing as touch?
I can hardly remember it
One’s skin grazing over another’s
Lips touching with saliva
Suspending the darkness for moments

Now we have screens and usernames
Not only do I not know who you are
I still don’t know who I am
Infinite knowledge tucked away in my pocket
And I still can’t figure it all out

Doesn’t it seem suspicious
A real person is made up of water
Our machines die when water touches them
The duality of user and machine
Opposing sides attract like magnets

What a force of nature
How miraculous a creation from human
Though we cannot find ourselves in the glow of a device
We are not our virtual identities
Supersede the electrical magnetic decay

Suspending the darkness for moments
And I still can’t figure it out
Opposing sides attract like magnets
Supersede the electrical magnetic decay



When everything goes awry
I could be the cause or the why
I never learned how to hold it back
Always tried to push it to the brink
Never knew where the boundaries lay
So I push forward
With so little sorrow
The cards are stacked against me
Never expected a shuffle
One more chances are for the weak
Take what you have and hold it to the sky
Scream from the mountains
“Fuck all of you” in a shrill turbulent voice
I’ll be the one to push the red button
Stare you down in the face of doom
Designate a plot to be buried in
No turning back after I turn
When nothing mattered from the edge
How could you blame someone for falling off?