Monthly Archives: December 2017


Questions begin to bubble up

As breath is grasped for after the recent race

What is this all for?

Realizing there was never a charter

A list of reasons to attach to

To given meaning to the dark times

To relish in those sappy times

It’s only been chaos

A quickening race to the finish

Random resolutions

Disassociated from any goal

Just moving forward

Always one foot in front of the other

Benign clarity hiding behind simple logic

Jump into the depths

Look for an enhanced path

Ask the right questions, finally


Swirled Together

This year has been tumultuous

Began in a frenzied state of panic

Withdrawing from years of valleys

A straight line of denial

Though when I was shuttered awoke

On a Thursday in December

I realized the fragility of these days

How resolution denied progress

So the blinds needed to be opened

The map needed to decorated with strategies

Because the battles fought were never resolved

Issues were sidestepped out of convenience

Though those days are numbered now

Can no longer be ignored

As the frontline is crossed

And limbo is entered

A war began to push towards victory of soul

Despite assumptions to the opposite

As choirs beckon the coming of a risen sun