Monthly Archives: August 2014

Cascading Time

The sky has never looked so grey
Timid beginnings and hateful endings
Returning to a desolate planet
A rogue amongst the strong willed
Let the wind carry me away
That’s how little power I have
A slight breeze could make me falter
A drizzle could end in me drowning
Though time runs short
Need to stand up and shake myself off
Wipe the smoke away from my face
Splash water and stretch
Find balance where none exist
Attempt to rise and shine
All still needs to be determined
Indiscriminate, life always is
Hopefully I find bearings
Before I fall




This is what I asked for
An empty bed and late mornings
Lose the human connection
Focus on yourself
Though it does have dark space
It’s not as shiny as I imagined
There isn’t a meaningful change
The nights fall down a waterfall
The days couldn’t be longer
Then again that is not why it happened
I was right from the beginning
It is better to part than to attempt
I never reach homeplate
So find it in some other place
Clouds roll through my view
I cast a spell I must weather the storm
Another system changing the course
Just blowing in the wind.