Monthly Archives: November 2016

Why Die For Danzig?

A demagogue bolstered by an idiocracy
A weak resilience hindered with fear
What if they come for us?
Wouldn’t it be easier to look away?
Let them take what they want and leave
They promised to leave us alone afterwards
The mentality of passing the buck
The false hopes of mortal thought
A hope that morality would overcome corruption
Don’t people know boundlessness is real?
Evil will never forget the dues billed
All those times eyes have averted
Not feeling the guilt over their
Babies were eaten by demons
Mothers were raped through endless nights
Their offspring to rule the wastelands
A 50 year empire to destroy idealism
A virulent pragmatism ruling the land


Missing Out

I can’t help but feel like I’m not where I should be
I have ventured down some endless side road
No life but the lights in my head
Solitude that somehow invaded
Creeping the strings that hold your heart
Looking ugly in the mirror after the start
I’ve lost almost every battle I’ve fought
What makes it worst was I did it on purpose
I set myself up to lose
I only know this because I see the parallel life
Everything that could have been achieved
A future that was being handed to me
A choice of a wife, a career, a house
No dark nights medicated under a howling wind
Only love and proper meals
Receiving a kiss for almost all the rest of my days
That is what I gave up
In some immature smack of the hand
Rejecting things that pled to be accepted
Made cases for how it would save me
Though I didn’t care
I moved alone into the desert
Leaving the future to shatter with disbelief
Now I am in the other zone
Where there is no meaning to my future
Just a roadblock in the way of others
A memory most will choose to forget
Just a footnote amongst infinite depth


I’ve always known someone was hindering me
Some unplaceable weight to bode over
Senseless pressure for a haunting ghost
A reverse feeling through dyslexic lenses
Somewhere something someone
Did any eyes see me fall?
Could there be an escape?
Is anyone even fucking listening?
Doubled efforts and sullied sorts
Setting down placating loyalty
Fuck the gods I have worshipped
Those false prophets of ecstasy
Fuck the Gods
Fuck the People
Hatred boiling over a pot of turmoil
Can I really push aside everything?
Can it fucking work if I don’t work?