Monthly Archives: February 2016

Drive On

God damn what a cruel endorsement
Disregard the sacrifices
All that blood shed for the agenda
An objective to clout our hours
A game played under a circus tent
Though the efforts of the just
With intentions of assisting the needs
They kick out your legs to continue the game
No just reasoning
Not like what they destroyed
Convolution of logical missions
Don’t help, add to the dissonance
Subjugate yourself to the demons
Who prowl the dark night of our souls
The thesis of never finding meaning
Just chase those numbers
The proverbial “D”
When a percentage is all that matters
Our hearts are lost through the fray



Blind Leading the Sighted

Your ineptitude is insulting
Your thoughts are worthlesss
It’s amazing such vapidity exists
Such simple successes passing by
Hiding behind your wall of minions
One falls from your daggers
Others planning escapes
All as you blankly stare at a wall of cameras
Worrying about your loose threads
Spread across states like roads
Always leading back to the beginning
A pestilent sin as you don holy robes
Rounding the remainders to zero
Forgetting about the fallout
The residuals from your destruction
It is all left to be witnessed by the soldiers
Fighting in the trenches
Knowing it’s a holy war
Knowing there is no quitting
But damned to serve under powerless robots