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PSA New Album and book of Poetry

Odds and Ends” by Sounder Plains can be found on all music streaming and downloading sites.

“Is the Ecstacy Worth the Fallout?” by Thomas Wilson (who is Sounder Plains real name) is available on the Amazon Kindle Libray. 

Follow this the Sounder Plains WordPress Blog for random poems and maybe a music share now and then. You can also bookmark the Official Sounder Plains website which will feature a plethora of extra work posted on it. 

Also, please support ALL independent art! Please visit the website of the artist who did the artwork for my official releases. James Blackledge, thank you!



Please visit The official Sounder Plains website for info on how to purchase or stream Sounder Plains. 

“The Past Few Years” on all streaming and download services!
“Odds and Ends” on all streaming and download services!
“Is The Ecstasy Worth the Fallout?” on Amazon kindle library as well as Kindle Unlimited!


“One word has many meanings, many words have one meaning.”

An odd old thought I found in my notes.



Hello World

This will be a showcase for my music, short stories, poems, and ramblings. Please contact me if you have a question or a comment.

Stay tuned. The broadcast will begin shortly.