Candid Conference

This has been a long time coming
We thought you could repair the destruction
Rise up like the prophecy foretold
You were going to conquer it all and win
The foundation was supposed to stand
Kingdoms were thought to prosper
Kiss the princess and make her a queen
Buy a ring and raise replicas of both
An honest life to live
A nobility you said you always wanted
Though you fucked it up
Your fucking vacuous infatuations
Preferring the dark night over the bright day
Pixels on a screen appeal more to you
Using fire to put out fires
All of your perspectives
You took so many wrong turns no road exists
Wheels popped, rations exhausted
Run away from gunfire
Got lost in the woods
Living amongst the lost
Now simply a beast
Negating the positives
Preferring misguided adventures
Sitting alone in dry weather
Panicking through packed crowds
Loosing balance when bracing stability
So you ran away
Forgot all possibilities
Hypnotized yourself through man’s creations
Ignoring the beauty in God’s creations
Stating your preferred exit sign
Ticket for one, one way.


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