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How Far Will You Get Alone?

How many times have you traveled here?
The same conversations repeating
Body language coded throughout the night
Maybe one or two more times
Then complete disappearance
No longer interested
So many fucking fish
Another crackle in the fire
An arrow shot in the heart
Never finding the counter balance
The things that fills the gaps in our souls
Empty skin can only withstand so much life

Substance is needed more than ever
Though there is little I could change
My attempts fall all across the spectrum
From egregious to simplistic
Traveling farther and farther from home
Dancing under strange rains
Crying while the sun beams across the world
Forgetting how strange this all is
Skating along the edge of a blade
Tempting righteousness without just cause

Surrounded by blood thirsty demons
Calculating every move on the board
Knowing they can only steal single souls
Ones without family
Ones without love
So as the rounds wear you down
Remember the fight is only beginning
Soon the real war will break out
How far will you get alone?