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Too many profiles to sequence
A picture to browse
A person to meet
After countless expeditions
“Meet me here at this time”
Small to medium to large talk
Maybe a kiss at the car
Maybe a few more encounters
Each one revealing more reasons
“Just jump and run the fuck away”
Abandon any prospects
Let love slip while dreaming of sewers
Maybe all chips are still to be accounted
Maybe regrets have been piled up
Maybe it was all meant to be
All your “fuck this shit” side chains
Deviating from any sort of road
Becoming legally insane
Knowing the streets and the other realms
Maybe it all leads to a resolution of a dream
A love to live for, a family to die for
No longer a nomad who is loosing it
A somebody from somewhere
With a future to live for
That is why the browsing continues
To reach for the peace all need


Simply Complex

No more pills in the bottle
Crazed hangover from years of sanity
No longer holding the door shut
The flood makes me lose balance
Sidestepping upright dedication
Yearning for stability in chaos
To swim through the harshest oceans
To drive along paths paved with insanity

Forgetfulness begets the troubled tides
Salacious surroundings seclude our souls
False fragments of figmented flings
After actionably evident truths surface
Lose all control off of three words

Couldn’t plan how bright the sun will shine
How dark the shadow done dwelled
How sour the medicine would taste
Predicted while grandiose gestures flay
Ignoring forgotten hopes for failed memories

Concentrate on the immediate
Beautiful curves, drunk passion
Touching the most important with ransoms
Couldn’t fathom shit from shit
Not even recognizing these layers

Foreign complexity without utility
It has always been obvious
Simple speeches are for the weak
Strength is hidden in stupidity
Tumbling through a jumbled mess
Always alluding to endings