Too many profiles to sequence
A picture to browse
A person to meet
After countless expeditions
“Meet me here at this time”
Small to medium to large talk
Maybe a kiss at the car
Maybe a few more encounters
Each one revealing more reasons
“Just jump and run the fuck away”
Abandon any prospects
Let love slip while dreaming of sewers
Maybe all chips are still to be accounted
Maybe regrets have been piled up
Maybe it was all meant to be
All your “fuck this shit” side chains
Deviating from any sort of road
Becoming legally insane
Knowing the streets and the other realms
Maybe it all leads to a resolution of a dream
A love to live for, a family to die for
No longer a nomad who is loosing it
A somebody from somewhere
With a future to live for
That is why the browsing continues
To reach for the peace all need


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