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Out Of Tune Hands

Dazed for the past 7 years
Waking up from this nightmare
Drowning in debt
Alone in a apartment
Confused as to how it all happened
Try to measure the movements
Amazed at how distorted it all is
Something that could have been so glorious
Disgraced with long nights and late mornings
Pissed on whenever pissed off
Beaten down and bloodied
The devil twirling me in his claws
Laughter echoing trough the dark
Tolling the waste you allow to build up

As I lay face down in a sewer
The sun breaks through the grates
Shining through a sensitive cornea
A moment passes before I dive back in
How could I have let this happen?
Who damns the daylight for the night crawl?
Run away, climb the ladder, gasp for air
Keep running, run, run, run
I collapse far away from ground zero
Feel the tall grass with out of tune hands
Accept the heat of the sun on my face
Water flowing through my hair
Twitching towards recuperation
In a world where one prison is traded for another


Where The Hell?

Feeling anxious through hair
Rumbles of hesitation
Not accepting curtain call
All that happens after the last kiss
Goodnight and goodbye
Where does that leave one?
Lost in a desert
Searching for a puddle
Anticipating the end
Maybe after each step?
Suddenly after looking both ways
Memories can only amount to so much
Years hiding in the mountains
Still broken and down to nothing
Curled up in a cargo container
Broken and down to nothing
While everything projects under lids
Broken images down to fragments
Suddenly a smile is tainted by future tears
Broken cries reassembling below
Stirring an inner tantrum
False denials melting under reality
Payments called for collection
Couldn’t grab the keys quickly enough
Caught by broke minions
Summoned by a faceless cash machine
“Karma no longer has a payment plan
For you must tumble to eternities depth”
All those ghosts piled in your yard
They tell their story for the jury
The verdict is clear