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Crying a lot more
Randomly driving home
Slinking away from people

Maybe it’s constantly being alone
Echoes being my welcome
A pillow to hold onto through night

Maybe it’s all the regrets
Lives that I pretended
Loves that I rejected

Maybe it’s the multiverse
Showing me how it could have been
Infinite possibilities now impossible to me

Maybe it’s traversing the wrong road
Calling in blockades down the path
Setting up traps to misdirect

Maybe it’s just my destiny
To show how horrible things can end up
How the man in public hides secret pain

Maybe I don’t matter
Begging for ears to listen
Bellowing madness to the dark
Pleases to whys to denials
Chasing the paces to disgraces
Misstepping placating promises
Coronating the confection through…
What am I saying?
Attempting beauty from disaster
Mercy to the failed angels
Those who looked but couldn’t help
Maddening cruise off the cliff

I wished for a halo
A peace to rub my shoulders
Soft whispers beaming love
Sedate the anxiety before awaking

I received damnation
A riot to punch me in the face
Harsh screams crusading through blood
Adrenaline panic after stumbling

So many streams leading to one place
Why is this journey so difficult?


Let Me Down

If you’re going to pull the rug
Gently whisper a final confession
Something to conclude loose threads
A coordinate to guide wandering thoughts
The starlight washing our canvas

Sometimes a certain opacity skins all
A perspective seldom achieved
The synthetic sirens beget side roads
Aiming steadily at the light switch
Threatening to turn off illumination
To hide love in the shadows
Never to be felt
The bullet always flies in the air
It always comes with a prescription
Leaving traces to prove history
There was a time before damnation
And all those who wander the shadows
Who are lost under the same plight
Their story does not transmit
Their silence always rumbling
Vibrating to the point of nothing
Measured on the deaf ears of the saved
Through sad tales told in dark bars
The prologues to the night embraced
Filled with all the misdirections demanded

No move on the board is unaccounted
All choices were measured
Debt collections on a skewed path
Over the grey sky of reminiscence.

Image by http://www.jamesblackledge.com


Maybe I am going crazy
Maybe I am loosing my balance
But I swear I see your face everywhere
When I sit at a bar you ask “can I see your ID?”
When I open the door you smile at me
When I kiss you my heart melts
But…it’s never you
Just shadows taunting the roads I paved
Never knowing if anything can be saved
We know that all are damned from the start
Yet we gleefully laugh in the face of conclusions
As if nothing ever ends
As if your lights were out before love died
As if you ever had a fucking chance
How dare you try to quell the tide of time
Surrounding your thoughts with hope
Acceptance should have resonated
Moving forward should have been protocol

The ultimate rebuttal
You really believe love exists
You really think the sun will shine one day
You REALLY think you have a chance
A pessimist would think it’s cute
A pragmatist would think it’s counterintuitive
An idealist will encourage the hope in your soul
Push forward through all resistance
Take the casualties and learn from mistakes
Fight the war you were drafted into
Dare to make strides towards your vision

It was all conjured by your face
A hope found all over the place



I often stumble and fall
Usually for no reason at all
I drown in apathetic disgrace
I float under a veneer of status
I decay from the inside out
So many false roads traveled
A debt built on empty promises
The inner torture is killing me
An alien ready to tear me apart

This is when change is needed
When the dark controls more than the light
Fuck the neon lights and gorgeous whores
Fuck everything my mindlessness chases
I once stood in defiance against the dark
Now I let it enter my soul

No more
No more shall I degrade my character
No more shall I wander aimlessly
No more shall the darkness veil my eyes
No more shall I fall for nothing
I will once again kindle a fire
My soul will be reborn
A fresh start to years of hesitation
Hope to hope once again