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Under A Grey Sky

where did I lose the ball?
when did my sight become so backwards
scattered mornings and frantic breakfasts
coffee black with two packs of shame
two broken eggs heated over fire
one long puzzled gaze
when did the ball even matter?
something to hold on to and pass on to someone
something to give me purpose and reason
when did those things matter?
there’s no one here so what’s the point
there’s no sun so why go to the beach
there’s no night so why go to sleep
there’s only me
scrambling around under a grey sky.



It Was Never Real


Never been too real
Everything in fives
To show what won’t be

Drove around the state
It filled me with hate
Similar fractions
Down to the last drop

Fuck your high stakes life
Fuck me and my depth
Tragic words spill out
Damned to the bottom

Ill stand over here
Intentions so clear
One hand balancing
All these failed moments

Never been too real
Everything long gone
To show what ended.