Three Years, Six Months

It’s been that long since I saw you
Long red hair weaving sweet tales
A perfect symmetry between eyes and lips
Long ago we were in Vermont
Celebrating the new year in a new place
Welcoming the future with open arms
Sleeping together at a holiday inn
Stop at Lake George to take in amazement
Then a riot broke out
Our stars collapsed under the weight of life and death
Abandoned in the North to chase strange flesh
Wondering how endings always find me

Then three years and six months passed
June 1, the year of our Trump
10 months spent forging forward after fallouts
Too many struggles to count
Looking along the trenches to battle through
A two minute glimpse blips across my screen
You ran away to the concrete jungle
A Viking man calling you his own
Your proclamation of love to the Norse god
More stains strewn across your skin
That perfect symmetry hidden under stylization
A beauty tainted by modern endeavors

When we parted a sea was created
It is far too wide to even consider crossing
Though I still wish other roads were taken
We could have conquered it all
Taken over the fucking world
Slain our enemies and defied expectations
We parted and a future was lost


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