On The Run

Even after the bullets fall
Through a tangibly epic barrage
Atop a pile of contrived evidence
One stands out in the open
Assuming some shadows cover
Though those were only inside
Hiding the humanity instilled at birth
The shadow assumed was vacant
Exposed to limitless dangers
One by one they took their turns
Drowning, choking, stabbing
Molding a new path to follow
One with plenty of diversions
Keeping eyes off all that’s important
Focusing on short lived thrills
Scavenging the bottom of a bottle
Dropping the lighter to the floor
Shaking through smoked cold
Wondering how this all happened
Faintly remembering how it used to feel
Without slimed fingers clenching the soul
Contemplating if there will ever be escape
An answer that is on the run
The search continues with half a heart



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