March Off The Cliff

Many strides before the ground collapses
Multiple deserts marking time for contemplation
Several sidelines waiting to enlist into the lowest rungs
Choices after every step
Decisions on every breathe
Never diminish the victories earned through mere seconds
Nor forget the beauty of failure
How it brightens a drive to avoid it next time
How it keeps the fire alive

Ignoring these destructive ninjas
The ghosts appearing in your periphery
Enticing your soul to deviate from the path
Reject hope, embrace fear
Never succeed and never make attempts
A solemn dismissal of arms
The fight ever-ending
A spirit put down but still drawing drawing breathes
A body hindered by denominations of enlightenment
A decidedly simple conclusion to a harrowed fight
Self destruction, stumbled abundance
Figurative findings, flakey cognitions
The end is always the end
An opponent that never shows it’s face
Power makes one more shy
In an inversion of pulpable fear
We may be afraid of the darker half
But the darker half is afraid of our courage.



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