Let Me Down

If you’re going to pull the rug
Gently whisper a final confession
Something to conclude loose threads
A coordinate to guide wandering thoughts
The starlight washing our canvas

Sometimes a certain opacity skins all
A perspective seldom achieved
The synthetic sirens beget side roads
Aiming steadily at the light switch
Threatening to turn off illumination
To hide love in the shadows
Never to be felt
The bullet always flies in the air
It always comes with a prescription
Leaving traces to prove history
There was a time before damnation
And all those who wander the shadows
Who are lost under the same plight
Their story does not transmit
Their silence always rumbling
Vibrating to the point of nothing
Measured on the deaf ears of the saved
Through sad tales told in dark bars
The prologues to the night embraced
Filled with all the misdirections demanded

No move on the board is unaccounted
All choices were measured
Debt collections on a skewed path
Over the grey sky of reminiscence.

Image by http://www.jamesblackledge.com


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