Maybe I am going crazy
Maybe I am loosing my balance
But I swear I see your face everywhere
When I sit at a bar you ask “can I see your ID?”
When I open the door you smile at me
When I kiss you my heart melts
But…it’s never you
Just shadows taunting the roads I paved
Never knowing if anything can be saved
We know that all are damned from the start
Yet we gleefully laugh in the face of conclusions
As if nothing ever ends
As if your lights were out before love died
As if you ever had a fucking chance
How dare you try to quell the tide of time
Surrounding your thoughts with hope
Acceptance should have resonated
Moving forward should have been protocol

The ultimate rebuttal
You really believe love exists
You really think the sun will shine one day
You REALLY think you have a chance
A pessimist would think it’s cute
A pragmatist would think it’s counterintuitive
An idealist will encourage the hope in your soul
Push forward through all resistance
Take the casualties and learn from mistakes
Fight the war you were drafted into
Dare to make strides towards your vision

It was all conjured by your face
A hope found all over the place



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