By The Wayside

I have always been left to the wayside.
Didn’t I put myself there?
All of my slacked views
Pinpointed landscapes
No panorama
Shortsightedness is my tragic flaw
Decisions for short term
I forgot failures last forever
Lose this, lose that
Forget all that could have been
Lost lips and hearts wasted

Tragedy befalls everybody
It’s tough realizing your own
It’s the wallpaper to our phones
Hidden in greetings to strangers
Pray what was wronged can be righted
Seldom is still not never
There is still a chance
A fools hope for a lottery winning.

The wayside belongs to everyone
We all fucked something up
We can’t get over it
Those lost moments of could’ve beens
Dreams of different lives
Flickers of different outcomes

There is a universe where we are together
Everyone wins and loves there
All that should, is
We kiss and angels weep tears of joy
God thanks us for showing him what love is

The way it should be…
But we’re still by the wayside.



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