What Sheep Say

I’m back at the prologue
All the shit that didn’t happen yet
I taste the food
Indulge in drink
I think about all that has passed
The torment and the struggle
The successes and plateaus
The exhaustion and disillusionment
No one should return to that desolation
Psychos making the calls
Their fingers on the red button
I tried to change the course of the wind
How foolish of me
There are things that will never change
Decay is one of them
Try all you want
Fight the good fight for all of humanity
Everyone will scoff at your attempts
It is impossible to fix a broken society
Your help isn’t wanted
It is thrown away like used gum
Every amount of effort you put in
Thrown to the asphalt like garbage
How discouraging
How defeating
No support from a broken system
A wasteland full of administrative idiots
A wasteland full of deprived potential

Opposites attract
Your positivity in a negative environment
It makes sick sense.



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